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When Should You Have Pest And Building Inspections Done?

Owning a home is a blessing in life, but it’s also a tremendous responsibility. If you’re lucky, it’s just taking out the trash, washing dishes, doing some sweeping and vacuuming, and maybe mowing the yard most weeks. Other times, you have to replace appliances, fix leaks, and paint whole walls. One thing that sometimes has to be done are pest and building inspections. Keep reading to learn 8 times when you should have them done.

1) Before you sell: If you ever choose to sell your home, then your are going to face situations where prospective buyers are likely to want their own inspector to look the place over. They need to know exactly what they are getting into. It’s best to have an inspection done yourself before you list so that you know any potential issues that might come up. That way you can take care of them yourself in advance. Check out theĀ Vital pre purchase inspection package, they have great deals but check other places too as they might have a better one.

2) Before you do renovations or home improvements: It’s a good idea to make sure your home can actually handle the planned changes or additions you make to it.

3) Before you rent it out: You might decide to move out of your home but not sell it, making it an income property you lease out to renters. Many jurisdictions may require a property inspection before you are able to do this kind of business.

4) Before you buy: This is the one case on this list that’s not about your current home but could be about your new home. Even if the seller has an inspection report, get your own professional to certify the home before you conclude negotiations. Also looks for a place that will do pre purchase inspections.

5) After a natural disaster: Even if it does not look like your home was impacted, have an inspector look things over just to be sure. This is a lot like getting looked over in an ER after an incident, just to rule things out and certify health. Earthquakes can mean structural or even foundation damage, and the wind can even impact roofing. Heavy storms can impact anything on a property, so get it all checked out.

6) When you’re finding damage you can’t explain: There are times you are going to go around your home and notice things that are just not right. Walls might be cracked, there can be holes here and there. You might smell a funny scent or see water damage and not know where it’s from. It’s the odd situations where you know you need to call someone, but you’re not sure if it should be an electrician, a plumber, or a roofer. When in doubt, call a home inspector in for a look at the total building to isolate all the possible issues.

7) After an infestation: Actually, it’s better to call in a pest inspector during or before an infestation so that you can get in front of it before things get out of control. Infestations of pests can be many things, be it a huge hornet’s or bee’s nest, a kid bringing bed bugs or lice home, or mice, rats, and particularly invasive squirrels and larger rodents. If you have any signs of these taking place on your property, don’t wait for obvious damage to your home before you deal with them.

8) A neighbour has an infestation of something: When it’s pushed out of their home, they might visit yours before you know it.

If you ever find yourself in one of these 8 situations, get the appropriate pest or building inspections done so that you can keep your home safe, secure, and comfortable for all who spend time there.